Having the Flu and Reading Books I Don’t Like

Friends! Colleagues! Lovers!

This is just a wee service announcement to let you know that it will probably be a few extra days before my next post goes up. Not only did I come down with the Queen of All Flus, which has slowed me down some, but I also dove into a book that I’m really not enjoying as much as I thought I would. I’m not gonna write about it, what it is or why I don’t like it, because I feel like this has been a bit negative lately and I’d really like the next post to be about something that I love. Full disclosure though, it’s a big one and I do still have to work my way through it (because of that medical condition that I have where if I don’t finish a book, even the worst of books, I get stress headaches).

But fret not! I’m a pretty quick reader, all things considered, and my immune system usually takes care of things pretty quickly, so we should be back to our regular “once every few days or whenever I feel like it” posting schedule soon enough.

Forever Yours,



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