The Hunters by James Salter

You guys! This book! Agh! Have you ever read the review equivalent of a long, overly tonguey french kiss? Cause if not, strap in.
This one really snuck up on me. I started out not entirely sure how I felt about it. I’m not a huge fan of war novels and I don’t give a shit about airplanes or fighter pilots. I only picked this one up because people I respect had said good things about it, but I wasn’t expecting much. I’m so glad I did.
Holy shit can this James Salter dude write. His ability to slowly build the tension, pulling me in bit by bit by bit, was unreal. I ended up so invested, so nervous for the main character, that I couldn’t stand to put the book down. I gulped down the last half of the novel in one big, greedy, tense sitting.
I’m not really going to say anything else about the story, I haven’t really said much at all, because that’s not really what I do. There are plenty of synopses out there that you can get, if that’s your thing. What I will say though is this: this book is worth your money and your time. It’s better written, deeper, more insightful, than I was expecting, and it manages all those things while still being a teeth-on-edge war story (I can definitively say that this is the only time that I’ve ever been invested in an action scene involving fighter planes, in any medium, movies included. That’s how good the writing is in this).
A hell of a book.

Yours forever and always,


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