I’m Back, Baby!

Hey there friends!

So I’m officially back in action now! Hurray!

Even though I haven’t really been posting much over the last few weeks (although I did get a few out that I was pretty proud of), what I have been doing is reading. A bunch. Too much, even (I brought like eight books with me on my trip, read them all, had to buy more books, read them too, and then made one last trip to the book store for something to read on the flight home). And all of them were great! The wild, improbable, incredibly amazing hot streak I’ve been on over the last month or two continues! Woohoo! I’ve also been keeping notes on what I thought of the books that I was reading while I was away, so hopefully over the next few days (once my brain gets right. Jet lag is aĀ such a dick. I’m even having trouble with this tiny, conversational post. My brain is all mixed up and mushy and my thought bubbles are nothing but zs) I’m going to be able to power house through some posts and get us back up to speed.

Anyways, as always, thanks for your patience and for even bothering to read this in the first place. Ya’ll are the best.



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