Another Long Absence, And More to Come (Probably)


So I started writing this apology for having been absentee for such a long time (again), but as I was tip tapping my way through it I realized a few things:

  1. I’m actually not sorry. I love you gals for reading this, and thank you for the support and the messages and the likes, but also this is just a hobby. It’s a hobby I love, but it it’s also one of many. Sometimes my other hobbies are going to take precedence for a while or I’m going to lose interest in this a little. Or maybe I’ll get wrapped up in something in my social or romantic life and a few weeks will go by where I just don’t feel the urge or desire to post. I know they say that’s a bad thing for creating a following, you’re supposed to be “creating content all the time!” but, I dunno…fuck that. That sounds like it sucks.
  2. This is just the type of creator I am and have always been. I go through short bursts of creativity with long fallow periods in between. It’s always been this way, and when I try and push through it and create anyways, I just end up writing a bunch of lackluster stuff that’s as hard and boring for you to read as it is for me to produce.

Alright! Enough self-centered navel gazing. I’ve read a bunch of really, really good books over the last couple of weeks, so I’m gonna get to writing about them. Speak to ya soon!


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